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Warren Oil Coastal Premium Multipurpose Ep Grease 14.1 oz (14.1 oz)

Warren Oil

SKU: 6130769

COASTAL PREMIUM MULTIPURPOSE EP GREASE is an NLGI No.2 grease containing non-lead extreme pressure (EP) additives designed to handle severe lubrication requirements such as those characterized by high bearing and shock loads.

COASTAL PREMIUM MULTIPURPOSE EP GREASE is very water insoluble and washout resistant and gives excellent performance in the areas of oxidation stability and corrosion protection.

COASTAL PREMIUM MULTIPURPOSE EP GREASE is recommended for use as a multipurpose lubricant in a wide variety of heavy duty automotive, trucking, industrial, mining and construction equipment and any other application where an NLGI No. 2 EP multipurpose grease is specified.

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