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Shepherd Hardware 7/8-Inch Slide Glide Nail On Furniture Sliders, Beige, 8-Pack (7/8")

Shepherd Hardware

SKU: 3819059

The Shepherd Hardware Low Friction Sliders are designed with reliable SlideGlide technology that allows furniture and appliances to move smoothly over non-abrasive floor surfaces. These low friction furniture sliders make it easy to move or change the furniture layout in your home all by yourself.

Low friction sliders are installed under heavy items to allow for easy sliding across carpet
SlideGlide sliders are molded in a special & exclusive resin that is sturdy, rigid, & ultra-slick with an extra-low coefficient of friction for very easy sliding on carpet
Easy to install - Pre-drill pilot hole to avoid wood splitting and tap nail into wooden leg
Not intended for use on angled chair or table legs
7/8 inch diameter round taupe plastic sliders with cushioned base and steel nail attachment - 8 Pack

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