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Permatex® High Strength Removable Threadlocker Orange, 10 Ml


SKU: 113223

Permatex High Strength Removable Orange Threadlocker is a hybrid formula that combines the strength of Red threadlocker with the removability of Blue Threadlocker. Orange Threadlocker is ideal for modern day engine bays with a great deal of lightweight components and high vibration applications. Unlike traditional Red Threadlocker, Orange Threadlocker can be removed with hand tools when extra force is applied.

Hybrid formula, high strength removable
High strength threadlocker for heavy-duty applications 1/4" to 1" (6 to 20 mm)
3x the holding power of standard blue Threadlocker (prevail)
Removable with hand tools for disassembly
Great for high vibration, overhead and vertical applications

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